Martkthal a Horseshoe Shape Building and the HORN OF PLENTY The Biggest Artwork found in Rotterdam

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Markthal is a very interesting residential building with commercial in the middle that has a shape of a horseshoe the space in the middle are stalls for foods and some restaurants . The building is located in Rotterdam Central.

HORN OF PLEANTY The biggest artwork that you will find in The NL . You will find covering the inside wall of the horseshoe of the Markthal .It is really big and so amazing and will definitely attract your eyes . At night you see the building glow, with the cover of clear glass you will see Bold the Artwork from outside.

In this time , you will really feel the presence of Christmas scene in the building with the decorations , Christmas tree and food.

I totally enjoyed visiting the area. I made a short video and I love to share with you . I hope you like it .
A good days ahead everyone . Take care!

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This is so so so so beautiful. Can't wait for Christmas. We definitely don't have such building in Malaysia so it is awesome you share to let us have a taste of it. 😉

Thanks @iamjadeline . I'm glad you like the video ,, I find it very unique too inside is also nice..

Yeah Christmas is exciting , I need to take out our Christmas tree and start decorating it in our house . I also love to hang small chocolates for decor, it was fun but they will not last and will be eaten before very near Xmas haha.

That place looks huge! Would love it see it in person one day.

Greetings @davidfromvan , Thanks for stopping by. Ja it's big and very interesting building. Yes visit whenever you can , around this building there are also other nice infrastructures .

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