DCooperation curation report - 2

in dcooperation •  14 days ago

This time 5 days passed because I was a bit busy to create the report.

I'm delegating 3200 sp, @cryptospa more than 1100 ( not asking for upvotes ) , invested in the account 300 steem by me , other steem power earned from videos our members was making and sometimes me, about 1200 steem power is delegated from non active steemians. So, we have about 6000 steem power distributed between other delegators.

To count the amount of upvotes, our delegators use this formula : delegation x 100 / total power.

The amount of % in the 7 days list should be always be above than the amount of delegation.

I usually count that to make it fair between delegators, but all the curation is manual, so we have a channel in our discord server where delegators can claim for an upvote in case I miss them.

I set the minimum to delegate to be in the list of 7 days ( the minimum is 100 sp ) : http://www.steemreports.com/outgoing-votes-info/?account=dcooperation&days=7

In case someone is delegating less than 100, or participating in collaborations, he/she can claim for the upvote if he desapear from the list of 14 days. http://www.steemreports.com/outgoing-votes-info/?account=dcooperation&days=14

I call this a collective curation, so anyone can help me with the curation.

In the last 5 days 21 people were upvoted : @freecrypto who is delegating 400 sp, @emsonic - 200 sp, @rehan12 - 200 sp, @captainbob - 200 sp, @steemflow - 200 sp, @cowboysblog - 150 sp, @clicked - 100 sp, @mrchef111 - 100 sp, @saiful39 - 100 sp, @camuel - 100 sp, @paulag - 100 sp, @romafedorov - 100 sp, @bobaphet - 300 sp, @ireenchew - 100 sp , @jeronimorubio - 100 sp , @behelen - 200 sp , @ilazramusic - 100 sp, @alokkumar121 who joined us recently ( his intro video upvoted ) , I voted once myself just because I was promoting the contest we made a week ago, here is the video that we created in case you missed it :

The list of 5 days you can see here : http://www.steemreports.com/outgoing-votes-info/?account=dcooperation&days=5

Thanks a lot for all other delegators, you will be upvoted as well soon.

In case you didn't understand how our curation works, just ask questions. You always can contact me in discord or ask questions in comments. I want to be the maximum transparent, so all my work will be seen in the blockchain.

In case you don't like something, you are welcome to undelegate from us.

All those who undelegated will not be included in the reports.

We still have 10,500 steem power, you can check it here : https://steemd.com/@dcooperation

Me and my team are doing that to motivate our members, also all the earning from @dcooperation account is going to power up the account including all the curation rewards, so we are supporting the echo system of steem blockchain that way.

I will not upvote myself with @dcooperation account anymore. All my power will go to upvote our members. This is how I'm supporting the community.

Thanks for reading and supporting our community @dcooperation.

For all the details check this website : https://steemworld.org/@dcooperation

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Good report!
Thank you!


You'r very welcome. ☺

Thank you so much for all the effort that you make everyday to support the people that trust in this beautiful project and family!

Keep doing that awesome work and let's keep growing together! STEEM on!


You'r welcome, thanks for appreciating my work. I think we will have all a great future in steem blockchain. ☺