Dcontest | #23 | Daily Contest #23 | Win 3 Steem

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(After 1 week if you are unable to do the prediction through our prediction bar then Logout and login again on our website through steemit it will start working again 😊. Remember using our prediction bar is one of the important factor to get the entry validated 😊)

Our 23rd dcontest is live now :) , Click on the link below to participate in it 😊 , Please read all the rules before participating😊.

Contest Link : https://dcontest.org/post.html?dcontest/dcontest-23-daily-contest-23-win-3-steem

We have chosen @kaerpediem video for our 23rd dcontest 😊

Thanks to @nathanmars for helping us through the Sponsorship :)

Yeah also to get the latest update about our contest earlier , please do join our discord server 😊,
Link : https://discord.gg/2FV6vZD

Dcontest CEO & Founder : @freecrypto

Dcontest developer : [@neavvy](https://steemit.com/@neavvy



@ediah join me here,

I invite @ediah

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Thank you te.. Nagjoin na ko te.

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Padayon, akong hint nimo tan awa iya old Post tagpila upvote jeje

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Entry not validated, kindly visit on this link and read all the rules before participating


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Entries are closed 😬 participate in the next one 😊

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