Dcommerce launched after closing dstors. New beginning.

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Change is sometimes challenging but it's good. This is what I believe in and follow it. These words truly apply on Detors and @dcommerce. After a great start for short term Dstors officially closed in steem due to some internal conflicts and they posted their official post for this announcement. dStors (Distributed Shopping Through Open Reward Systems) was place to connect with buyers and sellers of used and new goods and services.

kindly note that if are a delegator and reading this post, then to get back your delegation, here is the latest post for the project closure.

After the closure of dStors, a new project @dcommerce is launched under the superior vision of @haejin and his wife. This project looks good so far and they are working on white paper which will be shared shortly about which I checked with them today.
They are also looking for some Experienced Developers & Social Media Activists for their project and for more details please read their post which is created 2 days back.

They have also created their discord group and looking for Developers and Delegations to turn the cryptocurrency shopping concept into reality. Read here for complete @dcommerce Question & Answers and their tagline is "monetize your shopping"

This project looks very much promising because eCommerce is in high demand and need of time. So I hope team will share more information about it and they are working in right path.

Looking forward for more details from you @dcommerce team and wish you all the best for new beginning.

Thank you.

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Hmm, following... This may be interesting.


Yeah @kommerbbb2 it will

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