“dclick” The Next Generation of Ads in Steemit

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Recently @dclick came up with an idea to bring in outside capital to Steem through its new Ads mechenism.

Yes, it’s about Ads in Steemit.

For those of you may be in the waiting already, here is a very rough and brief bullet points before the official English translation from @dclick :

  • Anyone(even outsiders) who wants to advertise in steemit network/platform will need to buy steem to make payment to DCLICK
  • In exchange to the payment, DCLICK pays out their SMT
  • SMT is consumed(temporarily) through a mean of “staking”, just like powering up, in order to publish/submit advertisements
  • Post writers will need to authorize posting rights to DCLICK so the Ads can be attached to the bottom of each post after finishing their writing
  • Every time when there’s click on the Ad a small portion of the staked SMT will return to its owner(Ad requester), just like powering down(so it’s essentially free to make advertisements because purchased SMT will fully return in matter of clicks) + Post writers with Ads attached will also be rewarded in SMT through inflation or via upvotes from DCLICK
  • Unstaking period of staked SMT among the Ads requesters will vary depending on the efficiency of their posted Ads (The shorter the period the more efficient the Ads were exposed. The longer the period the longer the exposure of their Ads)
  • Earned SMTs can be sold/redeemed to steem via DCLICK or re-used as a mean of hosting their own Ads in the future
  • Inflation rate of the SMT will be controlled depending on steem holdings at DCLICK (+ other factors as well)
  • 30% of the revenue generated will be shared to SP delegators proportionally
  • Repeat

If you are curious, follow @dclick and wait for its official announcement in English or click on the link below :

Sponsored ( Powered by dclick )

DCLICK: An Incentivized Ad platform by Proof of Click

Hello Steemian. I would like to introduce the new Ads platform based on Steem blockchain, DCLICK...


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dclick the new Ads platform based on Steem blockchain.

Here below are some screen captures of the platform :


Overview 1

Overview 2

Overview 3

Overview 4


Wow, bronging capital to the platform outside STEEM is super important but the idea here seems complicated? I dont understand this part:

Every time when there’s click on the Ad the staked SMT will return to its owner(Ad requester)

So ad requesters pay so their ad is displayed but they get their money ( SMTs) back ?

Correct!! It’s a win-win solutution to both!

Advertising is already complicated. Business are used to it. As long as it's not complicated for users it should be fine. And if we're getting paid for seeing ads, even better. Plus, since Steem is an open system, there will be competition amongst advertising platforms connected to Steem, which will also benefit advertisers as well as users.

Very nice point you have there!!

Will there be a possibility to promote posts? That would be a cool alternative to voting bots:)

Actually, its really true.

Yup! Just imagine whole bunch of Ad SMTs are on the way. It will be awkward not to even see huge pump of price in Steem.

nice post, please upvote me

Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for the info bro nice work keep it up and help us updated. Hope Best for the steemit community progress. Hail Steemit Move Forward
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이거 영어 버젼으로는 어떻게 넣나요?

thanks for introducing #dclick @dclick
in English :)

You’re welcome 😁

와.... 저 보팅 어쩔...;;; 형아 멋있다 ㅜㅜ

형.. 저거 보팅봇이야 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
외국 애들한테 글 노출시키려면 보팅봇이 필수야 안그러면 너무 쉽게 묻혀서... ㅋㅋ

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영어권 애들,"디클릭" 아이디어에 깜놀했겠는데요...그나저나 영어댓글이다보니 이해하는데 꽤 시간 걸리네요...번역기가 옆에 있었으면 좋겠당.

우리나라 사람들이 창의력은 몰라도... 응용력은 월등해서 스팀 위에 SMT 로는 아마 짱먹을지 싶어요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

This is a cool development and another source of income for content creators.

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Yup! Plus, this Ads will allow incomes even after 7 days.

That is just great.

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