The Largest DCity Ever!

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One month ago I wrote about the epic coming update for DCity. The word epic does not even begin to describe what this update has done for the game. The game is more entertaining to play and the rewards pool has been growing daily. Daily rewards are now higher than weekly rewards from months ago! If you haven't started playing DCity, now is a good time to come aboard.

My City

It took months of hard work and an insane amount of Hive and Steem to create the largest DCity known to date. It wasn't long ago when 100K population was the largest city, but here is a view of the first city with over 200K population!

Screenshot 186.png

Of course a city of this size has a serious unemployment problem. Some optimization is necessary as 88K unemployed citizens come with a hefty social support cost. High unemployment rates are a serious concern, much like in real life.

The Value of Education

The addition of technology is the greatest part of the new update. While discovering technology has proven to be difficult, it has also proven to be valuable. I made sure to get my education score to 1000 so I have the max discovery chance with a 25% chance to discover a technology each day. Even with this max chance, I have only discovered 2 technology cards in over 3 weeks.

Trading is an important part of DCity. If you are unable to discover the technology you desire, you may be able to purchase it on the market. I was fortunate enough to make deals to acquire some of my most desired technologies. I have purchased the Basic Automation technology and I am currently leasing the Mining Operation technology. Delegating cards is not currently available, but with trust we have completed this deal on the black market.

I still have a strong desire for the Advanced Recycling technology. @carcrashbeamng has discovered this technology, but so far I have been unable to begin discussions about a potential sale or lease. If anyone else is lucky enough to discover this rare Tech card before I can, please contact me if you would like to set up a mutually beneficial arrangement.


We are within a week of holding the first ever DCity Presidential Election. This is another really cool addition from the recent update. Aside from coding an awesome game, @gerber has served as an excellent dictator. I look forward to seeing how this election will play out as there has been a lot of campaigning in discord. I wish all the candidates the best of luck.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to drop by my DCity anytime!

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