Dark Times Hit DCity

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2020 has been the year of things I never thought I would see. We all witnessed the crazy events that led to the birth of Hive. We have all witnessed the current global pandemic, taking so many lives. We have all witnessed social injustices leading to the current Black Lives Matter movement taking place. While all of these issues are certainly worth writing about, I will be writing about the current dark times we are facing in DCity.


On July 4th, 2020, the first DCity presidential election was held. Let us take a look at the history of this great game before getting into the election and the dark times which would follow. DCity had begun several months before, starting as just a discord bot. The great emperor @gerber led this game to greatness. The economy of all cities was booming. The words in Gerber we trust were heard everywhere. There was an epic, game changing update a month ago, which caused the rewards pool to increase 4 times in size. In fact, the rewards pool had risen nearly every day since the release of the recent update, until we replaced our emperor with an elected politician.

@ABrockman, whom I believe to be a relative of Kent Brockman (pictured below), won the first ever DCity presidential election by a landslide.



I was one of the many whom had strong faith that our president would do great things for our great game. This faith seemed well placed as this president is the leading hodler of SIM, a fact which may have led to his landslide victory. I still believe this president has acted with the best intentions, yet it is his actions which have led us to these dark times.

The Income Problem

On day 1 of his term, our president raised taxes to 50%, the maximum tax rate allowed. This action was taken in the interest of preventing future inflation. This promise of less inflation future inflation is of little comfort to the citizens paying half of their wages to the government.

Let us take my city for example. Here is a screen shot of my current city.

Screenshot 189.png

My city currently has a population of 168,585 citizens. With the current tax of 50%, the income for my city is 56,120 SIM. That is less than 1/3 SIM per citizen. How can one expect my citizens to live on less than 1/3 SIM per day? Many of my citizens live in luxury homes, so its hard to imagine their lifestyles will be sustainable on such a low income.

The Crime Problem

My city went months with a perfect zero crime rate. This is because my citizens were happy, earning the highest income of any DCity ever. My citizens were content with many gyms and
cinemas. Many police stations kept all in order. This was all before we elected our first president.

Now our president has defunded the police, possibly due to pressure from protestors. In the 4 days since the election, my city has seen casino robberies, shopping mall roberies, and even bank robberies. This problem is not unique to my city, as I hear these cries from all cities.

My citizens are strong enough to survive this crime wave. It is the small cities who are the most vulnerable to crime. I have heard horror stories of cities earning zero income, because all their SIM earnings were lost to crime.

The War Problem

Leaders throughout history have gone to war for popularity and profits. Our newly elected leader is no different, as we have seen immediate and constant war under his rule. I would like to see our president make a declaration of peace and I say this as an owner of several Military Industrial Complexes.

The Solution

This problem is much easier to solve than the rest of the problems the world faces today. We must begin impeachment proceedings immediately! We must reinstate our wonderful dictator Gerber. In Gerber we trust!

Thank you for reading. I hope no one was offended by this blog as it was written in good humor. I understand some of these issues are quite serious, but laughter is often the best medicine.


lol, funny to read some indie game having so much drama.

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