Growing my dcity.

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So i just started playing Dcity and i bought several cards which gave me 3 basic homes and a factory. I watched some tutorials on how to start. It already looks like it is going to be fun and i definitely recommend you to check it out here:

However is does cost a bit to start up your city and grow it. Another hive user said around 20-40 hive to get a good start up and grow your city. I have spent about 21 hive so far and am currently on my way to making it back even though it will take awhile. But on the bright side i am earning new tokens and i get to share my growth with all of you. Here is a picture of my stats so far:

So when you get started each card should cost you about 4 hive and it chooses buildings to put in your city. You may also purchase certain buildings on the market for different prices if you can find some good ones. I recommend getting your popularity up so more people will want to come to your city. But don't take my advice as i am only a beginner. @stever82 is a friend i met recently who got me interested in this and i recommend you guys go check out his tutorial on dcity and learn more about it. Also it looks like you can buy cards on there and you can transfer houses and other things to friends so if anyone wants to do a contest for it they can. You can earn hive and steem as well for rewards but your city has to be in the top 200 to actually start earning them. They also have a little bit of instructions on there and some info so you don't get confused. Here is a picture of what my city looks like right now:
my city.PNG

I hope to grow it more in the future. But hey i'm trying even though i don't got a lot of hive or hbd. I hope earning these tokens will payoff in the long run but if not then i always can earn it back. I hope you all enjoy my little review type thing on dcity and i hope you give it a try. If you decide to test it then tell me what you think about it. Also if any of you got and secrets on how i can grow than hit me up on discord: Mr.Steel#9954. Wish me luck on growing my city i hope i can make my money back :)

Yours truly, teenagecrypto

P.S: Also if anyone is feeling generous you can send me some stuff on there if you want

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