Very interesting game!

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Recently I discover a new game based on hive which took my interest.

This game is based on build up an own town, where you can make new house and buy cards connected with the services needed for a town like shops, factories, cinema and so on.

You can find this game here:

all what you need is just an hive address and hive.engine to exchange coins.

I am really thinking this game will become very popular and SIM coin value will rise soon, so I accepted the challenge from user @intellihandling and now I am much more addicted with game hoping to win 20000 SIM in the end of 2020!

I know many users will like the game, so please join on that and help me to win my challenge :D

Every on will join, will got a bounty portion.


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Is it like monopoly?

It is a bit different but they are improving a lot with new updates, on 6 june they will complete all cards and the game will be more interesting

Might start playing when I get a faster internet connection

!bookkeeping drugwars

Bookkeeping do not work anymore

I examined the game and I was very interested. I will start playing immediately. I hope to improve by helping.

This game is very actractive, when you start to build your town you will love it. Only be careful to not spent too much

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