{Samsingak} {an old friend-like building in Younghwasa}

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The most interesting building in Younghwasa was Samsingak.
The most important and meaningful building in the temple is, of course, Daewoongjeon.
Deawoongjeon is a building for the Buddha.
However, Samsingak is far from orthodox Buddhism. Samsingak is the result of Buddhism's acceptance of traditional beliefs in Korea.

It was after 17th century that Samsingak was built in the temple.
Before then, there were no Samsingak in the temple.
During the seven years of 1592-1599, the last of the 16th century, a fierce war with Japan broke out on the Korean peninsula.
Japan invaded Chosun (Korea) in order to secure a land route to attack China
Eventually, China participated in a war in Korea, and the Korean peninsula was devastated by war.

Buddhist monks also fought against Japan.
The monks fought with their weapons because they could not stand the people being plundered and killed by Japanese troops.
At that time, almost all of Korean Buddhist temples were burned down without exception.
This is why there are few temples left, built before the Joseon Dynasty.
{After the war, in the process of rebuilding the temple, traditional shamanism was accepted.}
{Originally, Buddhism was so advanced in theory that many intellectuals accepted it.}
{The common people were comforted by traditional beliefs from ancient times.}
{After the war, Buddhism built a Samsingak for accepting the common class’s beliefs.}

{Samsingak enshrines the Big Dipper, Doksung, and a god of the mountain.}
{The belief in the Big Dipper has many similarities with Taoism in China.}
{However, because the Big Dipper was the object of faith in traditional Siberian culture, not China, it seems to be more closely related to the ancient beliefs of Korea.}
{The origin of Koreans is the northern nomads who came through Central Asia and Siberia.}


{Samsingak in Younghwasa was very old and worn. The letters on the signboard were almost invisible.}

{Dancheong is a lacquer work that protects trees from rain and pests.
Five colors of blue, red, yellow, white, and black are used in Dancheong as a base.
That Dancheong was also old and faded.}
{Daewoongjeon was built not long ago, but Samsingak seemed to have been here before then.
The ornament under the eaves showed the devotion of constructors.}



{People came in and out to pray.}


{Old wooden buildings make people feel at ease.}
{As time goes by, the building becomes more elegant.}
{As time goes by, the building becomes more elegant. Old wooden buildings feel like old friends.}

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