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RE: Reflections on Beauty and Ugly, in Deawoongjeon of Younghwasa

in #dbloglast year

Have you ever thought that people who live happily are not able to appreciate the value of that happiness, once you go through hard time, you rely on your close friends, family and only those people who can experience that not only money and wealth make people happy.

Freedom of spirit, soul and mind is important to be happy. In many cases we see how in such poor countries like Latin America, Cuba or like in my mother land Kazakhstan where the majority of population is poor, people still happy to accommodate a strange and share some food with them. But living in Western world for many years now it is really noticeable how different the society is.

Beauty is something that always attracted me no matter what kind of beauty, it is a strong power but it does not last long, which is fair and probably because we all realize it we are not jealous if we do not possess it :)

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