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Solidarity and social responsibility are important in this difficult time for the dissemination of COVID-19.

Several companies and universities as well as individuals are doing acts that benefit the world.

Ambev, one of the largest beer manufacturers in the world, transforms breweries to make and distribute alcohol in gel.

Family Menin (from MRV and Banco Inter) donates R $ 10 million to purchase respirators in Minas Gerais.

Catarinense develops pulmonary respirator that can assist in the treatment of coronavirus


The Union of the Sugarcane Industry (Unica) signed a partnership with the Brazilian Association of Transport and Logistics of Dangerous Products (ABTLP) and the National Union of Fuel and Lubricant Distribution Companies (Sindicom) for the distribution of alcohol 70 that will be produced by voluntary associated plants.

3D Face shields

shield-1 (1).jpg

These masks are for facial protection whose open design is made available by PRUSA

Universities and civil society articulate 3D printing of masks against coronavirus
Models are available to anyone who has the equipment and wants to help.

Several car manufacturers are making their 3D printers available to make these masks.

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