Why Some People Never Get The Job They Applied For

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Human needs is insatiable and that is why Maslow in his model believes that when one need is met, another need will always arises. Getting a sustainable job in our society today is one of the need every man is striving to satisfy. It is obviously clear now in our society that getting a degree certificate is the major requirement in getting a job but despite the numbers of graduate in our society, the problem of unemployment is another constraint that really needs to be tackle.


Education which seems to be the major framework of becoming an important person in the society today is more of knowledge acquisition rather than application. Many people go to school today and have a good result but are unable to get a sustainable job because when the go out of the school system, they couldn't use the knowledge of what they have actually learnt in school to improve their environment and those that were by chance get the job couldn't cope probably due to the fact that they can't make use of some techniques which the school system never exposes them to.


There are so many things the school will never teach the students while still in school about getting a good job. Getting a good job involves some stages that the fresh graduate needs to have at the back of his/her mind before going into the larger society which are;

  • Preparation of CV
  • Writing a good letter
  • Preparation for job test
  • Job interview

Well the school system will never teaches the students on how to go about the listed stages and it is what the fresh graduate or someone who left his previous job really need to pass through before being employed into any organisation.

Preparation Of CV

CV which simply mean curriculum vital is the first thing that is needed for any employee seeking a job into any company because it is a document that contains some vital information about the employee such as the schools attended, personal data, working experience ( if any), qualification and so many things. It is the first thing that must be submitted together with the application letter to show someone has shown interest for a particular position. One the reason why the CV is important and must be properly prepared is the fact that it is the first thing that do the talking when the employee is not on ground. The company or whosoever is reading it can easily conclude here that the person is qualify for the position he/she is seeking for.

Application Letter/ Resume


This is another thing that must be properly done after the preparation of the curriculum vital because after identifying some job vacancy, it is the application letter that will be sent out to show someone is really interested in taking the job and it must be well prepared using unambiguous words. The application letter must also define the employee to some certain length and stating reason why he/she thinks he/she will be capable for the job. Many students in the English department may not really find this difficult but to someone like me who just had a basic knowledge about it, it must be shown to an expert to go through it and make necessary correction in terms of vocabulary and spelling.

Job Test

This is another stage in getting a sustainable job and here after the employee has been selected for the interested position, he/she will have to take some test in other to proceed to the final stage of getting the job. Reason why some company organise a test is to reduce the population of candidates showing interest for the job. Since getting a sustainable job is one of those things that a man need to get going in life, many people will always show interest for certain job and one of the means to cut down the size of applicants is through test taking.

Job Interview


Job interview is the final stage to secure a good job and the most dangerous stage because here the applicant is fully aware that any mistakes made will cost him the opportunity and if he/she made it through, then there is going to be a turn around in his/her life. There are so many things to be considered here talking about the type of dress the applicant should put on, the way he/she needs to compose his/herself when call out for some tricky questions and what to say and not to say because at this stage, the company is ready to make the final decision.

We must be aware here that interview start immediately we step out of our room and what do i mean here, the way we dress we will be address and that is why anybody doing for an interview must dressed in a formal dressing, as a guy, you must put on something nice inform of good shirt and trouser with nice black or brown shoe. Avoid dressing that will make you loose the job and finally don't over price or under price your employer's, instead you can just ask them to pay you based on their salary scale in accordance to your qualification.

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