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RE: At the belfry of Bongeunsa

in #dbloglast year

The harmony between the old and the modern, an interesting perspective that tells us a lot about the spirit of his people.

I share in part your appreciation of the change. People, clouds and the sky may seem to change at every moment, but that is an apparent change, I think they are expressions of the cycles in which the true reality lies. We only perceive small fractions of that reality of which we are integral parts. Fabulous and wonderful. Every day I thank God for being here and being aware of his creation, although I will never be able to fully understand it.

An excellent work that you are developing on the dissemination of the traditional arts of your culture!


As you mentioned, we can only see a small part of reality. We cannot recognize it, but many things in the world are connected. In Buddhism, all of us are part of an integrated circle.

Thank you for your comment! Have a nice day :)

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