Strange reward chests. Daily earnings $4.08

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Well another day has been past, so another daily quest have been completed. And for once something did happen which I didn't expect anymore.

First let's have a look at the rewards for the main account!

Main account

Playing in Gold I the main account does get 8 chests, add to that the 5 chest from the quest potion and I do get 13 of those boxes filled with hope!
9 cards out of 13 chest isn't bad at all. To bad for me only common cards. But the Gargoya Lion now has reached lvl 3 already! The total earnings were worth $0.82 at the time of writing.

So it was time for the alt account to save the day once again. Yesterday he saved the day by pulling a golden foil Pelacor Mercenary.

Alt account

But after that great pull on yesterday I didn't expect good rewards. But I was wrong!

As you can see, no cards at all, but luckily also only one potion. 5 chests filled with DEC out of 6 is strange these days. But the first chest I did open already had a 500 DEC hidden inside it. That alone was good enough to turn an okey day into a great reward day. In total 548 DEC good for a whopping $3.27.

season total

I can't complain, so I wont complain. The daily reward was good for $4.07, pushing the season earnings to $33.14. The alt account is closing the gap with the main account which is strange because I does get less chests than the main account!

Let's see what the weekend has for us!

Have a nice weekend!