First Crypto Faucet Challenge: first weekly overview

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Last week on Friday, I did set my benchmark with the idea to report each week about my adventures in the Crypto Faucet world. The idea is to create a small crypto portfolio out of thin air.
This is a marathon and for sure not a sprint. Lots of people do call me crazy to try this, because the time investment is for some huge, while the income in the beginning is pretty low.

When I did create my benchmark, the total value of my crypto portfolio was €15.80. The ultimate goal is to have at the end of the year a portfolio worth more than €250. Which will be quite a challenge.

To reach this goal, I will have to earn a little but more than €7 each week. Will this doesn't sound like a lot, it is.

Overall performance

I do think that due to the better I will understand the faucets, the more I can earn. But this is an assumption, just like the assumption that money does attrack money.
This week I did earn €3.19. Lifting the total value of the portfolio up to €18.99. This is an increase of 20.18%. Which isn't bad at all. To early to show a graph but the line does increase.


At the moment I am using 5 faucets. All bringing in some cash.

For the moment Publish0x has the biggest share in the portfolio. But compared to last week they did decrease with 2%. This because a lot of effort was put into



ETH has the biggest share. This due to being pay-out at Publish0X and Betfury. BTC is upcoming. But this also of course depends on the market.
So it is nice that my BTC holdings did increase with 45%, bringing my total on 10490 Sats. Step by step it will increase.

Let's have a deep dive into the faucets.

At the moment my favorite faucet website. It doesn't cost a lot of time. Each hour you can roll the dice and earn between 5 and 544607 Satoshi.
Besides that they do send out email, just read them to have a free spin at the wheel of Fortune, where prizes up to $15K can be won.

Besides that they start paying out dividend when your BTC bankroll is above 30K Sats, so that will be my short term goal here.

The value of my BTC holdings here did increase from €0.55 to a whopping €1.22 and for the moment is holding a share of 6.74% of my Faucet portfolio.
If you are also playing the BTC faucet at, it is very important to read their emails. Not so much reading it, but scrolling down to the bottom and use the ticket for a free spin at the wheel of fortune.

But there is more, I did deposit 12.5K Fun there, so I am a premium member. Thanks to this I don't need to solve any Captcha but I also do get 5 Spins at the WOF per day. I do track this income also but will not add it up to the portfolio, because that wouldn't be fair.
So far, my extra spins at the wheel of fortune did earn me 6500 sats, bringing my total holdings to 0,0001064 BTC.

My goal here is to reach that 30K sats mark, which will give me a steady income which could boost things.

Feel free to join me at When I do reach 5 referral I will share 25% of all my referral income with my referrals. At the moment I do have 3.
Using my ref link wont cost you anything.


You can debate if publish0x is a faucet website or not. The fact is that by performing some specific task you do earn some crypto without having an obligation or possibility to deposit crypto. So, yes it is a faucet.

The value did increase here with 17%, from €11.22 up to €13.16.
They do pay out in ETH, AMPL and IFarm. The biggest increase was made on Ifarm which did increase with 47%.

There are 2 ways to earn some income here. Using your 5 upvotes per day and write some blog posts. Last week my Crypto Portfolio overview was very well received and did earn $1. Such posts really does speed up things.

Remember that the first 2 upvotes you hand out in a day in general have more value than the other 3.

You can find my blog on Publish0X here:


I do try to claim as much of there BTC and BNB faucet per day. You can claim these each 20 minutes, but I am glad if I do remember once every 2 hours.
I also do some gambling there but as minimal as possible and normally only with the faucet coins.
With this gambling I do earn some BFG which is then used to claim some small bits of the daily dividend pool. Remember every penny does count in this challenge.

My portfolio here did increase with 25%. It went up from 0.62 to .82, which isn't bad because the overall value of crypto did decrease a little bit compared to last week.

The holdings of the BFG token did increase with only 6%. The problem is that my stakes are still low and this way it is hard to have a decent impact in the growth of the BFG token. So for the moment I do have to gamble a little bit with them, to increase them. When the other tokens do increase it will be easier to increase the BFG holding without having to gamble with it.

The risk with Betfury is that by gambling you can of course decrease the value of the portfolio. So I try to do this carefully. As long as I am earning some BFG tokens it is fine. The more I have of those, the biggest my dividend income is, which should give a small daily income.


There was a lot of sun this week, so the laptop had been mining most of the working hours last week. To satisfy Musk, I am only mining when I do produce some solar energy.

So I do have a rather nice increase here of 14%. The BTC holdings went up from 4370 SATS to 5090 SATS.
The big advantage is that I only need to fire up the laptop and can let it run. So this one is the less time consuming of them all.


Well you can spend as much time in here as you want. The more time you spend (games you play) the more power you have. The more power you have the more cryptos you are mining.

I do hope to speed up things next week. Trying to collect a bigger computer in the game, which would store my won energy for a week. The energy won, is used to mine BTC and rollercoin token. This rollercoin token could be used to purchased some mining equipment, which would generate a steady flow of income.

Here the value only did increase with 8%. But this is one of the sites where the portfolio can only increase :)

You can help and earn some crypto!

Well of course you can help this challenge wit a push in the back. If you do use one of my referral link, I do earn some extra crypto. But most important it won't cost you anything. For you it doesn't matter if you register via a ref link or directly on the site. You do earn the same in both cases.
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Well this was my first report. For the moment I am not yet satisfied how I am reporting this. So, I will try to improve it next week!