Decided to move my dice operation from Wink to Betfury!

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Wink was the first TRX gambling dapp I really used. Okay I had some first experiences with some gambling dapps on the Steem/Hive blockchain!

But after switching to TRX for my gambling affairs. Wink became my preferred gambling dapp. This was in the day, that you did earn Win but just staking Win. The days that they still had an hourly leader board for their in house games. It didn't matter when I did logged in, it was always full of people. But times do change! Until today I was still building up my Dice stack! Indeed until today!

Today I look at my overview from the Dice income and to be honest it is just below par. I am not holding so much Dice, only 5614 worth $130. So it was time to ask myself why I do keep playing there! Besides an occasional profit, there aren't any benefits anymore. Even worse, because you do play out of your wallet your Energy and Bandwidth is just getting crushed. Meaning that moving TRX around, which I do a lot always does cost me small bits of Tron!

So it was time to reevaluate and see if there are much better options! And of course there are!

Don't get me wrong, I do still believe that there is a bright future for Wink, for sure in the Live and sports betting section! So, I will keep my sports business there but did already find a new home for my in-house game betting! Mostly dice! And I also still will accumulate some of their Life tokens, because they do give me a div of 8 TRX per day!


I have been playing on Betfury for a long time and they never let me down! They do what they promise! Like their token listing, adding new games, game supplier or like recently their sportsbook!

In my opinion it is the rising start in the crypto gambling world!

So, why will I be moving my dice operation to there? Well there are lots of reasons for that!

The daily leaderboard


They do have multiple leaderboards. A leaderboard is great, not for me directly but for the one who do hold their native token! A leaderboard makes people play and sometime more than they do want! People do want to get some free BTC, because it is payed out in BTC. I did reach the payed places on the daily in-house game leaderboard yesterday, which was good for 8K sats. Not a lot, but hey I won't mind any free BTC.

Not only they do have a leader board from in house games, but also for the slot machines! Not that I am into that, while I do love to play them from time to time. Again it is good for the dividends!


Not so much important for me, because all my gambling related activities are paid with TRX. But they do support a shitload of coins. They have all the bigger ones, the bigger ones running on Ethereum. Probably you do have at least one or two coins in your wallet which they do support!
But like I wrote, I do play with TRX. It is cheap and easy to move around and they do support it! Also their withdrawal limit for TRX is only 0.1 TRX and there is no withdrawal fee!


In contrast to Wink, you do have to deposit the coin into your wallet at Betfury. So son't leave to much on it, if you are not planning to play. Not that I don't trust them, but this is one of the top 10 rules in crypto! The advantage is that no matter how much you play, their is no energy or bandwidth cost involved!

What is also important with the increased value of almost all coins is that the minimum bet isn't too high. On wink regardless of the value of TRX for instance, the minimal bet is always 10 TRX. If you do have lot's of them, this maybe isn't a problem, but for most of us it is! So for each coin allowed to wager with on Betfury, the minimal bet is only 0.00000001 of that coins. Regardless if you play with Bitcoin, TRX or even BCH!

Their BFG token!

Just like on Wink you do earn a dividend token. On Wink it depends on which game you play, but on Befury this is always BFG. BFG is listed on some exchanges, but if they manage to get it on Binance for instance, than the sky is the limit!


For the moment the value of BFG is $0.03172. In the past week I did earn 5000 of those. Good for a value of $158. Not bad isn't! I do challenge you to earn the equivalent of Dice tokens on Wink. Not going to happen in a week time!

Also regardless with which coin you do bet, you will always get BFG.

When earning them, they are automatically staked. And there is no withdrawal period.

By staking you do earn a share of their daily dividends. At the moment I do have 13895 BFG, which earns me the follow tokens per day!

  • BTC: 0.00000502
  • ETH: 0.00003764
  • TRX: 2.42
  • BNB: 0.000711
  • USDT: 0.205

That's more than a dollar a day! Which always does come in handy!


And there is more. We all have bad days when gambling. In that case Betfury is nice enough to give back some of your losses. How much does depend on the level you do have. It does start with a 1% cashback and can go up to 25% if you are a big big g gambler. I do get 7%, which isn't bad!


One of the problems, among others I had with wink, is that it isn't available via mobile! This means that I could only play there when I was at home behind my laptop! There is no problem for that with my sportsbetting, but it is great to earn some TRX while waiting some where!

Their website does work flawlessly on my mobile! So another plus for Betfury!

The plan of attack!

I did move 5K TRX to Betfury. I will try to gamble as safe as possible. We always need to remind ourselves that gambling can be a risky business. It is just like sportsbetting. There is no problem with making a profit, everybody can, but keeping the profit and to become a long term gambler is only for the happy few!

The goal is to earn between 250 and 500 TRX per day. Everything I do reach an amount above 5250 TRX, everything above 250 TRX will be moved to my own Tron wallet again! This TRX will be used, to create a TRX war chest, convert some into fiat, fund my Splinterlands War chest and to increase my holdings into other crypto coins!

My base bet will be 5 or 10 TRX. And will work from there! We will see how far it will bring me, but at least I will earn some BFG with very bet I place, which has a value of $0.03183. At the moment I do have 11500 of those, and it would be great if I could bring this to 20K!

Feel free to join me on Betfury!