Crypto Portfolio overview: August 2021

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Another month did fly by, so it is time to create my portfolio overview of August 2021! I can already tell that I am very happy with the past month!


For the first time ever I can report a virtual profit of 5 digits. For me it is still a virtual profit because as long as it isn't back in my real bank account, I still consider it a loss!

There are 2 main reasons that I did knock open the door to 5 digits profit. First of all is that I was able to decrease my fiat investment into crypto with another 30%. This is obviously visible in the orange line above. Of course the rise in value of most tokens also did help!

I finally also said goodbye to some tokens, but there are still way too many in my portfolio. I am tempting to say goodbye to Neblio and XML. For sure Neblio wich is only 2.96% of it's all time high. The worst performing coin in my portfolio!

Portfolio share pie!


The share of BTC did drop with 5%. I am not worried because of this, because I do want to spread my risks. It is not that BTC didn't increase in value or that no BTC was added to the portfolio, but other tokens just got more attention.

Also some new tokens were added to the portfolio, like SPS (Splinterlands Governance Tokens). SPS does have a share of 2.8% after one month!


During August I finally reached my goal of having 300 KCS in my portfolio. And at the moment that was a good gamble. While my holdings only did increase with 13.21%, the total value did jump 54.53%. I am not done with accumulating KCS but in September it would get the highest priority!


Fun is another token I do have to mention. Despite a small increase of only 5.57% in holdings, the overall value did increase with 113.78%, placing it 9th in the share pie.

Just like in the past month I will buy Fun with the earnings on


One of my all time favorite tokens. At it's highest I did have 31 NEO, but in the past year I was taking some profit. Recently I started to accumulate it again. During August I did increase my holdings with 3 NEO (+18%), but it's overall value did jump with 73%. With NEO 3.0 coming up, I do expect it to keep growing in value. I would like to have 31 NEO again, but also this token won't get the highest priority!


The fastest growing share in July! During August my goal of obtaining 1 BCH was reached. This mostly was earned on Read and Noise. Since I did reach my goal, the progress did slow down again. It will keep on growing and I still hope to reach 2 BCH before the year is over!


It is always hard to set some goals and targets. And it is also hard in cryptosphere to make the right decisions. I am also constantly in a split between re-investing into crypto and pulling back to fiat!


I don't expect to pull back to same amount to fiat as in the past month. I will try to withdraw 10% of my outstanding fiat investment. This way there should be enough left over to re-invest into crypto!


Ethereum will get the highest priority. I am slowly accumulating towards 1 ETH. This won't happen next month. For sure not. The goal is to add some more so that I at least have 0.6 ETH. My original goal for this was 0.5 ETH. But I will try to stretch it, so that I have again the same stake in ETH as in the beginning of the year!


For Betfury I will set a very challenging goal. I would like to have 37500 BFG before October. While this seems a lot, I do think that it is possible to reach it. I do need to earn them around 600 BFG per day! Not impossible, but also risky business. I never have farmed BFG before but I did start yesterday. I will try to add 500 BFG to the farming each day, until I do have 12500 BFG in the farming pool. This will of course help me a little bit with reaching the goal.


The last goal is to reach again 4000 Hive. Currently I do have 3440. Last month I was able to add 489 Hive to my Hive account. So also a feasible goal. Most earnings from playing Splinterlands will be converted into Hive. The long term goal here for the remainder of the year is to be back above 5K Hive.

So lot's of goal. And like always the split between Fiat and re-investing. We will see how many of the goal I can reach and which will be out of reach! Time will tell!