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RE: Reflections on Beauty and Ugly, in Deawoongjeon of Younghwasa

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However, happiness in the secular world is temporary. It is hard to last long.

That's very true. That's why I like to make a clear distinction between happiness and wellbeig. While happiness, as you say, is a short term emotion that we experiene while with friends, or when we read something funny, wellbeing reflects how our mind is at peace, how we feel fulfilled or that our lives have purpose and that we live according to our goals and values.

Many that I encounter are only foused on whether or not they are happy, but then end up still feeling depressed or unfulfilled. I think it is still possible, in the secular world, to experience the deeper enlightenment that you mention, but it surely requires more mindfulness and awareness of what is important to you, and how every day is a chance to live with purpose. Especially today with so many suppliers of short term instant gratification.

Thank you for your post. It remided me to take a moment today to just stop and see my local lake (also covered in the colors of fall) from a different angle.

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