68% in 2 Days ! [Day trading Bitcoin]

in daytrading •  10 months ago

JAFX FX Broker now trading Crypto --> http://portal.jafx.com/Redirect?linkID=lciem20499

Currently @ 68% in 2 days...withdrew some money in to my long term accounts and paid my self $350 .. have some trades pending to trigger but we are battling a monthly/weekly/daily low.

The over all trend is still down but we have to be careful for a reversal at these levels... my entries are still short in my touchdown zone but with tight stops even if it goes against me I'll be above my initial investment of 1k and will be ready to flip the other way if need be.

Trade safe...#craeful visit https://www.Tailoredtrader.com to learn how to day trade like the pros.. Visit https://www.Cryptocurrencyaltcoins.com to stay updated with my upcoming projects. #BTC #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #daytrader #BTCdaytrader #fxtrader

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nice returns!


yea the volatility in BTC is lovely. makes traditional FX boring

How the hell did you do that in two days??


Check out my mentor Eric Benson over at Tailoredtrader.com

Not bad at all? What is the strategy?


the 4hour tailoredtrader strategy... get on the right side of the trade cut loser quick let winners ride

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