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Blockchain technology has been followed in a few components of life wherein of us were giving certain assessment for the use of blockchain technology. Majority of the time we heard about blockchain program we all the time its program is restricted to monetary institutions alone.

One of the trouble of information manufacturer has been belief and transparency which has been the primary situation affecting the information industries in a few years ago. The use of centralized platform to shop and maintain customers information has been has been a hard one lately for this reason of loss of belief and transparency within the platform. The success of every one tasks and firms on this era is merely determined the degree of belief present within the platform. Nobody will ever make investments in a platform with out belief and most of the belief points all the time happened within the centralized platform wherein customers have no manage over their information and information. It is discovered that players within the business don't have belief for every one other. This is why DAYTA has released a brand new blcokchain primarily founded undertaking which will assist all customers to store, share their information with the purpose of creating revenue from it within the platform.

Here DAYTA. Dayta is a blockchain primarily founded platform that may assist clients to manage, shop and in addition share entry to user’s private guide and news so as for the clients to get extra profits. It is discovered most guide brand all of the time share user’s guide and earn funds from it even with out the consent of the actual proprietor of the data. The most painful side is that once the brand have bought their clients guide to a few different companies, they did not pay the true proprietor of the guide for wherein clients and clients typically time get offended with this. If clients and clients have got manipulate over their guide it could be so simple for them to hint their account files and realize every time their guide is been accessed and bought within the centralized platform. This is the purpose why the centralized structures are struggling with the situation of belief and transparency. They knew that the second they gave complete entry to the clients and house proprietors of the guide of their centralized platform that’s the give up of their video games and that’s why they revoked entry to user’s data.

All those problems experienced via clients were recognized via DAYTA platform and that’s why they have released a decentralized blockchain primarily founded platform which provides clients complete entry and manipulate over their data, The benefits of DAYTA platform is that clients can choose anytime they desire regardless of even if to promote their guide or not. User’s guide is certainly one of the huge treasures of human life and clients wouldn’t take it simple with whichever corporations that bought their guide with out their consent. Today all of the concerns of the clients and clients can lay to relaxation merely simply due to the fact there may be new blockchain primarily founded undertaking referred to as DAYTA that may assist with the safety of user’s data.

The Dayta vision is to clear up assorted guide protection, consent and privateness points all at once. The workforce has designed a roadmap to construct a secure, easy-to-use and powerful private news Dapp and change mechanism inside an integrated, virtual ecosystem. Our objective to guarantee all participants from corporations to customers shield and revenue from a unified private news blockchain that may guarantee green guide audit and obvious clever contracts and agreements.

Dayta Mobile Dapp

The Dayta Dapp will enable user to manage, monitor and trade their personal data for a profit. Users will be able to manage who has their data, monitor where it is being used and why and trade access to their personal data in exchange for remunerative recognition of our greatest commodity, our identity. The data from Dayta Mobile Dapp being used to supply expensive demographic and behavioural data, adding our private data, with every manufacturer you've got a courting with profiting from buying and selling this information among heaps of others.

Dayta Dapp services will include:

  • Login / Authentication
  • Dashboard
  • Personal Data Menu
  • Personal Data Locker
  • Personal Data Usage 
  • Dayta Mart
  • Dayta Contracts
  • Dayta Consent Agreements
  • Dayta Store
  • Wallet

Dayta Mobile Dapp (Prototype) is available now! you can try, use and download here:


* For android user:

Dayta Ecosystem

The Dayta ecosystem is made up of several processes enacted by various participants within a data protection framework of user services. The Dayta ecosystem include the following:

  • Users (Personal Information Subject)
  • Companies
  • Dayta Miners (Proof of Stake)
  • Verifiers
  • Dayta Services (Dayta Decentralised Consent Exchange - DDCE)


Dayta Token and ICO information

The Dayta token will be used as part of the Dayta ecosystem in order to facilitate consent agreements with companies that wish to make use of personal information themselves. The Dayta token might be exchange mechanism among customers that desire to safe their private information and commerce that information for a profit, companies that desire entry to private information and desire a direct courting with consumers.

Symbol: DAYTA

Token Type: ERC-20

Supply: 2,500,000,000

For Sale: 1,500,000,000

Tokens exchange rate

1 ETH = 33750 DAYTA, 1 BTC = 1013850 DAYTA 

1 LTC = 15066 DAYTA, 1 DASH = 26632.125 DAYTA

Investor Phase: Feb 2019 - Apr 2019

Pre-ICO: May 01, 2019 (12:05 AM)

ICO Public sale: May 11, 2019 (12:05 AM)

Initial Token Distribution

Sale Proceed Allocation

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