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It’s a bit of a self hack. New month, new challenge to get me through the next 30 days come what they may. Sometimes I’m not the best with dealing with the recognition of the passage of time i.e. this summer FLEW by at a bit of a scary rate.

The second reason I want to do this challenge is because I’ve been on a bit of a daily energy upswing and I wanna keep that momentum up!

I did the same challenge at the beginning of this year and made a daily commitment to take notes when I could and share my progress so this time I want to share the journey with Steemit!


Here’s the 30 Day challenge I’ll be doing with ->

At this point in my yoga, I’m somewhere between “beginner” and “intermediate” but since I’m coming off the tail end of a back injury I wanna play it safe and go with the beginner option.

Some questions/concerns you may have:

“Hey I want to take part but I’m a super beginner or, I’ve never tried yoga before”

That’s ok! The beginner level is very VERY beginner friendly. It’s where I started with zero yoga experience. And I can promise you, sometimes I struggle bus the entire way through. So no I won’t be posting Instagram-perfect Yoga photos, and neither should you if you don’t want to. - Just a few thoughts if I have them and a progress report here and there over the next 30 days.

Does the 30 Day Challenge cost anything?”

Nope it’s entirely free. If you’re quite remote and don’t trust your streaming capabilities the videos can be downloaded for a few bucks, but all of the videos are 100% free to stream.

“How do I know If I’m beginner or intermediate”

They actually have a guide right HERE.

SO are you down? If you’d like to join in and post your progress, use #dayleeoga17 so we can all keep up and encourage one another!

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer as best I can.

See you on the mat friends!
<3 Dayleeoga