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The past days, I spent time listing what to do if we go out and go in between, to keep the spirit high, I said "but at least you have a license."
The answer was "No, I didn't".
We made an online appointment for one o'clock.

ID, proof of address, etc. Was delivered. Then he had to sign and a picture was taken. After that, the employee returned to his desk and said that my child had not found it before he died. Huh?

We went to the driving school. The lady asked by phone to the central office, my child and I filled out a paper to claim the money back for the theory lessons (if you pass you can). Then we went to the shop to buy an envelope so we could mail it (the post office was on my to-do list).

Endless controversy in the small shop where it stinks. Probably something with a lot of sugar?
Mine asked "what is the boy doing there".
I said it probably belonged to him but why wasn't he at school. Chit char continued, nobody bought anything. I did it with him.

"I go and have envelopes at home."

When we opened the door the lady asked if she could help us.

The next step is to the town hall. The lady in the driving school office gave us a number. With this number, the employee should be able to find it.

When he returned to the town hall, the doorman told my child to make an appointment.
Of course my kid was ready to go, but not me. I've made an appointment and won't be coming back because that employee can't read what's obvious there.

"I made an appointment and this number ..."

"Don't piss off my mother" is what my eldest always says. The doorman decided to ask, and two minutes later the same man helped us and… I had to leave the car to get the doctor's approval. Again all papers are shown ... no photos and no signature this time. When we got back 5 minutes later we were back on the street. The postman (in our case the woman) must deliver it at home. It will likely take a week or more (depending on weather conditions) and we need to pick it up from the post office.

Our next step was the post office. Pays for the lousy internet, sends the letter.

Next is bread for a bus boy and bones for wolves, and the next purchase is for dog food, cheese and milk.

Garbage. Nobody buys it, we have to take it ourselves (some people burn it in their garden). There are containers for plastic, cans, glass and paper. If you don't know, tetra packs are the same as plastic. There are also boxes in some places. The best moment is to get rid of the garbage. Imagine you have to keep it in your place. Would you buy less? What a waste of a human being.

Then it's time to fill our bottles with water. He wasn't in the mood for a kid. It's dark and cold outside. An ugly dog ​​followed us and decided to approach and lie down. The boy could drive the last part home, take out the shopping, and park the car as I walked in. My foot hurts and I have to take off my shoes. It's strange that shoes suddenly hurt. I never noticed it like I bought it and tried it.

I was still busy when I got home. I had to cut the liver, feed the wolves, and put all official documents back in a safe place. No, I did not cook. I was very tired and I want to play a game (to win Litoshi) and my bed is waiting. I have to wake up again at 5 am tomorrow morning.

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