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Crypto most popular asset trading partner best price. More than 300 crypto Token that is supported with the new assets are added every day. Cryptocurrency dompet uses strong and secure with our multi account support and multi-user. Transfer funds between your accounts and other users.

Try our intuitive user interface which is targeted for both, beginners and experienced traders crypto alike. Our mobile application is coming soon.

We design our systems with retail customers and business clients in mind. Users can add multiple accounts per one crypto assets. Users can also give access permission to their account to other users such as family members or employees of the company.

Store multiple cryptocurrencies in one place. Work with various digital assets as if they were all the same.

Create multiple accounts for one of every crypto. Use different accounts for different events, personal, business, trade, or savings.

Grant permissions to another user's account, such as friends, family or employees. Transfer funds between your accounts and other users.

More than just Exchange, Daxico are three powerful applications in one. This allows the user to exchange currencies crypto, save various digital assets in a secure wallet and send payments peer-to-peer networks seamlessly. Daxico has a bank, Exchange and payments system of peer-to-peer. It is indeed truly a one-stop destination for all your cryptocurrency needs.

Targeted at crypto-newbies and professional users alike, Daxico has an intuitive user interface. Features familiar to anyone, who used online banking. All assets are stored in your account by sending/receiving the same interface regardless of the underlying asset. The Exchange has an intuitive interface, basic and advanced interface with charts and graphs for professional traders.

Foreign Strong

Experience the power of foreign Daxico. More than 100 pairs of digital asset trading. Daxico features low spreads, high volume, and the speed of execution is lightning-fast. Enjoy low commissions, and get free trading for the first three months!

Flexible wallet

Daxico do more than just store your digital assets. Provides what it calls the technician's "abstraction layer " for different underlaying blockchains. In other words, users don't need to learn the difference between Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other digital assets to use them all. In addition to ease of use, features large Daxico wallet flexibility, security, and privacy in managing your digital assets.


DAXI token will be used to pay commissions to trade on the stock Daxico. We do not have this functionality yet. We just have released a minimum viable product at this time. We are still considering.

The allocation of the token is a token 1 million for Social Media and 200,000 tokens for bugs.


With the goal of simplicity in mind, we are focusing our efforts mainly on designing an Exchange with the best user experience. The idea is if someone never used financial tools such as online banking or trading web site, he should be able to use Daxico without additional instruction. So, first of all, we focus on an intuitive user interface.

In addition to being intuitive to use, we also want to provide rich functionality to the user. For example, our wallet purse is one of the most powerful on the market. Supports multiple types of assets, multiple accounts in any assets. Each account can be accessed by multiple users. The last features, multi-user access can be extremely useful for corporate clients, such as hedge funds. 

We chose to build a centralized Exchange as opposed to decentralization. Some may argue that the decentralized exchange more secure. But, in our opinion, lack of decentralized exchanges exceeded their profits. Most importantly, decentralized Exchange is difficult to use for ordinary people. They are also slower, more expensive, and usually does not support digital assets from more than one blockchain. In addition, there have been several incidents of decentralized exchanges hacked, so their security is also questionable, which brings us to the next point, security.

WEBSITE : https://daxico.com/

ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5084070

Username: pidie

Profilelink: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1230162

ETH Address : 0xF434CFB921f2Bd226F8c148235Dcd52b6A1DcADc