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RE: DAX update 15.01.18

in #dax4 years ago (edited)

good! Because this means other people will be scared, too. Bearish sentiment is always good for an unexpected rise in value.
I checked it. If it is an abcde, then it will rise soon. If it is a zigzag (5-3-5), I expect 520 satoshi (7-5 cents).
Anyways I hodl lots of XVG too, and I am not scared. Willing to buy more if it drops.


thanks brotha!
lol I remember buying the "scared" sellers BTG when it hit $75 on hitbtc.... everyone was scared. I bought... 1-2 days later it went from $75 - $410...

You are very right about that. When people are scared, usually time to buy

thanks again!

That's precisely the reason why I got myself some tens of thousands more of XVG. Even if it drops, who cares. Project yourself in two months, or even one. Do you think the price will have stayed at such a low entry? ;)

hell no! good idea. We'll all be rich :)

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