DAX update 01.11.17 - the lid is cracked

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What a crazy bullrun in the DAX recently. You just can't get in at a reasonable price, because this is a classic "Fahnenstangenrally" (flagstaffs-rally). This is BTFD to the extreme. The biggest correction in this uptrend was 175P, which is absolutely NOTHING! Crazy Sh.it

The most difficult thing for the psyche is to get in at an all time high. You just don't know where to put your stop. This is why most investors do nothing, sit and watch in awe, punching themselves for missing this rally.

But if you get in now chances are high that it will reverse soon. This is why I brought you an updated count today.

I think it will continue a few hundred points higher until wave 1 is finally completed.


The lid is cracked now, as it is in the DOW


This is how it all started


I will show this wave 1 someday to my grandchildren, because this is one for the history books.


image (5).png
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Have a nice day :-)


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