A glance at the italian meetup SteemStem-Utopian

A while ago there was a meetup in Italy where you could have found in the same place prominent users of Utopian and SteemStem. By reading their posts and stories it sounds like it was quite interesting and a lot of fun. But, for the most of us that were not able to attend we decided to depict our own version of how we imagine things really went...it's up for the users that were there to confirm if this was true: @elear, @suesa, @reggaemuffin, @techslut, @espoem, @egotheist, @jedigeiss and @lemouth.

Of course we also featured @knowledges and a special friend of @lemouth, do you know who he is?

A special thanks goes to @pab.ink for drawing always great images like this one

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hahahaha! oh my this is really really close to the truth!
Thanks for this fantastic drawings!

ahahah thanks, I'm glad it's a realistic representation :)

The drawing is so amazing.

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and finally you made it :) i always knew you can walk on water :)

Thank you, I've heard they call you God...

Some do. The believers.

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hahahahahahahah. Now thats funny.

Those heels and the missing long pants are a serious lab safety violation! I'm appalled! :P

hahaha :) but i guess he got the expression in your face correct :)

Concerningly correct

you are right, I guess you are calling for a new drawing in full safety gears...:)

Flat shoes and some pants would already do the trick :P

mmm would that be safe enough? let's make you safer..;)

....now I am worried

Oh wow. This looks great.

Thank you, I kept my promise ;)

amazing piece of work!

thanks, it would be fun to make it a regular thing

I laughed so much with the platypus! Those are great drawings :D

ahahahaha thanks, our artists also told us that he can't get platypus out of his mind now..

We should use it as a theme for the next meetup!

ahahaha I agree!

That "Where is @elear?" and my expression. Perfection.