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in davido •  last year

Hi guys out there, am new on this online stuff, and i humbly request all of you to teach me the best card to perfect and win the game (davidoberaxo)Koala.jpg![Tulips.jpclothes.jpg](

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welcome to the steemit community and may i say that some of those photos are very interesting. there are a few unwritten rules that you should be following if you are to join a community. The basics would be on your sources. As you might have already be aware that you can upload images that are on the internet straight to the post but the community does not take that lightly, remember to cite and give credit to all your sources before posting, be it an image, a graph or anything that you obtain from an outside source or not made entirely by you. the most important rule to follow is to be nice and be polite.


thank you FYI, nonpsyco


am very green in this stuff, but i believe am going to gain more skills on how it works, burn to enlighten


Great reply! I wish everyone would take note of this.

I spend hours writing my own interesting posts about a cool topics. Then 5 minuets later I see a complete copy and paste of the articles I reference. The worst bit, the copy and past gets more upvotes than my original content!

such a shame


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