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The world is just a stage & each and every one of us have a role to play in it. That is why the watching eye is important in our daily lives. It watches our every moves & gives us caution where need be. It is imperceptible but very prolific in its activities and goes extra miles getting us out of trouble. We see but it sees beyond our imagination and goes ahead to set us free in times of sorrow. You try as much as possible to perceive it but you only feel the effect. These effects have made people to be stars today, all you have to do is believe in yourself by taking a bold step. Lunch your future, set yourself free and be the man in your dreams. Write your own stories and live to read it to your children. The watching eye can help us reach our destinies. All he needs is you commitment towards service, continuous zeal in soul winning etc. What is the watching eye? Only you can answer that question. it all depends on what you believe in. as for me, i know what i believe in 'GOD'. HE IS THE ALL WATCHING EYE

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