A little girls love

in daughter •  9 months ago

I should of known from the beginning what my little girl would want to do with her life bold
From the abundance of fish, to the many dogs, to the bird funeral in the back yard.

To loving the outdoors, she has always had a love for animals


Several years ago she has fount The Arc and Rhonda Kay and that has given her such peace.
image image

It’s not unusual to be driving down the road and here her say”stop the car” and before you even know what’s going on, she is putting the skills she has learned from the Arc into action. I don’t know how many dogs/animals she has rescued and taken to the Arc. The Arc in return finds them a good home after they’ve been checked out by the vet


My daughter wants to become a Vet tech and then a vet. It’s what she has talked about her whole life. I know she’ll do it to and I hope she knows how proud I am of her.

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So beautiful thank for sharing



We are so proud to have Cat as one of our core volunteers. She has earned our trust 100% with these animals and is entirely competent to run the day to day operations of this rescue singlehandedly. That is quite an accomplishment for someone only sixteen years old. I only hope she gets as much good from her time here as we do!

She is one of the best things that has ever happened to @tarc.

Your daughter is cute.💞

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