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The importance of Data cannot be overemphasized, not in this era or any that have passed and this is because of the importance of data no wonder the Economist once said that the world most powerful resource is no more oil but data, and this data is generated by the over 3 billion smartphones and internet users across the world.
Our physical activities today are creating digital footprint and data that will serve a great deal if properly harnessed because we are so wrapped up in this that we do not know when we walk, talk or even sitting in traffic.

What is Datum?

Datum is a decentralized global scale database with blockchain characteristics that allows anyone to securely store structured data. Datum returns data ownership to individuals and lets them monetize their data on their own terms. This lays the foundation for a new marketplace powered by a new asset class. Datum turns structured data into a tradeable commodity and is building the $120 Bln Data Economy.
—blockchain Roger Haenni, Command privatizationivatization

This alone points towards chaos if some of the order are not put in place.
Some of the problems with the process of acquisition and storage of data right now includes but are not limited to

The user (source of data) is looking to solve the following criterias:

  1. Secure: ​Data is encrypted at source
  2. Tamper Proof:​ Data is immutable
  3. Unlock value:​ Data can be monetized
  4. Storage:​ Decentralized storage
  5. Privacy: ​Data is stored anonymously
  6. Control:​ User stays in control of critical points such as:
    a. Life of data
    b. Detail of data
    c. Future use of data

privatization; we will all agree that to a large extent that data is not data if there is no level of privacy, Datum bring about a system in which structure, not just data will be saved in a decentralized system leveraging on the big data big datay to solve the privatization challenge by maintaining the privacy of stored data and at the same time provide selective granting of access yo verified individuals and organizations like the government that needs these data for its operations.
Monotony: it is one of the ills of the present scheme of things in which individuals that actually generated data get lost in the process and the peculiarity of these data are lost to either government forces or big data consumption and storage organisations and the accolades that are supposed to be given to the source are awarded to the big institutions.

About datum
The system is working on the contract mechanism of the blockchain which means when the parties agree and enter into the contract the system does not need the authorization to execute the contract. Some of the basic characteristics and feature of the datum app are;

  • It is a decentralized data store.
    -It posses storage nodes run by miners who store information on these nodes and are rewarded on the bases of these stored data which are structured.
  • Another important feature is the marketplace because of this gives them users options to select the place where they wathe nt to share data and this is influenced by the content of theorganizationnd structure of the data.
    The stakeholders in the system are.
    The user: Is generator or source of these almost could be a person or a business and the data is subject to a stringent validation process before it becomes accessible.
    Storage nodes: this provides the field for the storage of the generated data in the decentralized system.
    Data consumers: these are the people r organization that wants to use the stored data on the ecosystem, and like every consumer in any system they are almost the most important in the system as they help to keep the system functional.
    DAT token holders: they are the government in all these are the allocate and issue the token that grants access and makes the system what it is.

Token Details
Tag: DAT
Platform: Ethereum
ICO Token Supply: 1,530,000,000
Max Supply: 3,000,000,000
ICO Start Date: October 29
ICO End Date: November 29
Accepted Currencies: ETH
Escrow: Yes

The team.
Roger Haenni, Co-Founder, and CEO
Roger is a serial entrepreneur with 17 years of experience with big data systems. He is also the co-founder of StockX, SwissInvest,, and Kosi. Most recently, Roger founded Clever Baby, a business focused on wearable smart-devices for children.
Gebhard Scherrer, Co-Founder
Gebhard is an operations product and service specialist with 20 years of experience in operations and sales. He is the co-founder of Gelid Thermal Solutions and Arctic Cooling. He has his master’s degree in business administration, with a focus in finance and capital markets.
VC Tran, Co-Founder
VC is a branding and marketing expert with 10 years of experience. He joined Gelid Thermal Solutions at launch and helped turn them into one of the leading CPU cooler and fan brands. Most recently, he co-founded Kosi, Ltd. with Roger.
Theo Valich, Head of Growth
Theo is an entrepreneur and analyst with 21 years of experience in technology-related fields. His experience ranges from GPU to supercomputer design and he was the co-founder of Space Image Network, Robotic Systems, and VR World.
Florian Honegger,Smart Contract Expert
Florian has 15 years experience as an enterprise document and data management architect.
*Vitaly Krinitsin, *Community Manager
Vitaly has experience as a community liaison and marketer. Most recently, he held the position of technical marketing manager at GELID Solutions.

The roadmap

Some useful demographs are shown below

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