How To Get A Girlfriend Online Is Easy! Just Read This...

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How To Get A Girlfriend Online Is The Question of Many Guys Today...

If you want to know how to get a girlfriend online, you should ask your self first, why? The answer should be simple. It's very time consuming to go out and get a girlfriend the old fashioned way. You have to go out very frequently, sit at the bar, and hope someone you are attracted to sits next to you. If that happens, now what are the chances of that person being single? If they are single, now you have to start a conversation and land a date. The chances of that happening are pretty slim, unless you go out every single night. So learning how to get a girlfriend online is very important, especially if you don't have time to go out every single night. Why do you think dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and are so popular? It's because they save people time, and allow you to talk to a lot of people very quickly, and also see what they look like. That is another story, since many pictures are fake as shit.

how to get a girlfriend online

How To Get A Girlfriend Online Guide

  • First, you have to follow some simple steps that will ensure you get yourself some dates, and eventually find a girlfriend online. Here it goes...
  • Create a profile on a few dating apps
  • Use your best pictures, it's ok if they are your best pictures, just make sure they are you!
  • Write a funny clever bio
  • In your pictures, you want to show that you are smart, hopefully fit, funny, and FUN. So one picture from work (yes you need a job), one picture from the gym, one with some friends, and maybe one with family should do the trick. You have to show different sides to your personality.
  • Then please SWIPE RIGHT ON EVERYONE! You can later chose who you think is cute and who is not, this is a much faster way to get matches! Trust that theory, it's a proven fact!
how to get a girlfriend online

Don't Text Too Damn Much!

Once you match with someone, that person will reach out and say hi, or you will reach out first, depending on the app. This is where things get tricky. What your goal should be, and what the only goal should be, is to meet in person. You can easily talk yourself out of a date by texting too much!

If someone doesn't want to chat on the phone, or they want to endlessly text, just move on, it will never work!You should try to chat a little, be yourself and don't be nervous, especially if you think the person is really cute. The odds are, they are probably not that cute in person, and have a shitty personality. That said, you never know, people get married all the time.

how to get a girlfriend online

Don't be pushy, and try to meet up. It does not have to be an official date, although it totally is. Always keep one thing in mind, girls go out on blind dates scared that they will get murdered or raped, and guys only worry about the girl not being hot. So take it easy and make them feel comfortable. How can you do that? Be yourself and be nice.

Good luck!

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