Why Are Men Becoming More Vain? : A response to "My Struggle With Body Dysmorphia As A Male", by calaber24p

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Looks don't mean shit! I'm UGLY and I get GRADE-A PUSSY... .

One's sex is an interesting factor, that varies when it comes to crime. If you look at the majority of crime caused by males, it generally has to do with the theft of or theft leading to finances: burglary, bank robbery, and anything else that would traditionally raise the self-esteem of a man (money).

When it comes to females, you'll find that the crimes they commit, on a large scale, differ greatly, as it is generally in the area of promoting their attractiveness (i.e. theft of beauty products, suing for false abuse or divorce settlements so that they can afford plastic surgery to look younger, etc). This is because, while men retain their power via their careers/positions in society, as well as with their money, women retain their power, primarily, via their attractiveness.

A woman can have all of the money in the world, but that won't make a dingaling stand at attention. Analogously, a man can be more symmetrical than the fucking golden ratio permits him to be and that won't be enough to keep women wet and stay with him; she'll eventually find another guy that's funnier, keeps true to his inner-manly traits, and has a defining career.

Scientifically speaking, for women, the greatest betrayal is emotional infidelity - when a man loves a different woman; when push comes to shove, he will use all of his resources to protect the woman he loves.

Additionally, if she's carrying a child and he leaves her, she will have to fend for herself during pregnancy and she will only need more resources when the parasite is born. Conversely for men, the greatest betrayal is physical infidelity. This is because of our biological need to promote our lineage. That's not to say that a woman will be fine with you sleeping around, but she will definitely be much more bothered by the fact that you are in love with someone else, despite the possibility that you may not have slept with this other woman. For a man, however, cuckoldry is the greatest threat, because raising another man's kin will expend the resources that he likely has reserved for his own lineage, which he biologically has a desire to continue. This is the reason why parents and grandparents are so happy to hear that their children are going to conceive, etc. It has been found that men will be with as many women as they can afford to be with, while women will be with as many men as it takes to afford them. Additionally, natural selection favors an equal ratio of men and women, so a scarcity of either sex in one society, will likely raise the value of the lesser among the opposite sex. For example, in nursing homes where there are 3 men and 12 women, you better believe that those guys are all getting laid with all those women. Additionally, they're likely not wearing protection (people think rubbers are only for birth control) and passing each other STDs; I wish I was kidding about the last part.

This next part concerns you

Seriously, this part of the post is just tough love; you can take it or you can leave it. You're not "proof that this happens to straight men"; that's not to say that you're homosexual. Nevertheless, you are vain and far too concerned about what women want in the looks department, when in reality, most women don't fucking know what they want and they get turned on by different factors than we do as men. Men often possess charm and can retain power all the way into their older age. Women are quite powerful in a different way, but I'd argue that their power peaks in their mid-20's and then it's all downhill from there. When I was pursuing my Bachelor's Degree of Science, I took the course human sexuality. There is a reason that we're horn-dogs and have desires to spread our seed with the beautiful and not-so-beautiful. There's a reason that our refractory period after ejaculation is greatly diminished when introducing an additional female to the bed. There's a reason for the greater sperm count that our bodies magically produce, when we are mating with women that are larger in size and weight; all of these reasons are beyond our threshold of awareness when our dicks are rock-hard. This reason is the promotion of each man's lineage - survival of the fittest. We are designed to impregnate as many women as possible, regardless of their looks, health, etc (Our cocks aren't biased. In the famous and wise words of Larry David: "The penis does not care for race, creed or color, he just wants to get to his homeland"). Women, however, are designed to be impregnated by the best seed. Society has a great influence here (because there's more than a good chance that she'll fuck another guy that will give her a better seed than you will, while marrying you because you're able to support her (don't blame her, blame biology).

In a society of barbarians, one who controls food, resources, and has strength would be the primary candidate, and in modern times, traces of this are prominent in our nature. You're definitely not alone in your foolishness, as most American males around your age are behaving like sheep, taking selfies, waxing their bodies, and doing unnecessary plastic surgery (unless you're a burn victim/seriously disfigured or have some childhood trauma associated with your identity, you're really just being spoiled and should spend that money on counseling instead). This nature is an epidemic, which I believe is influenced by the acceptance of vanity among males; the hegemonic male is dying in society. I pretty sure that if you're in contact with your father and he is either European or somewhere in his 50's +, he would tell you to stop acting like such a pussy and smack you over the head. Just think if you were born one century ago, before you had the luxury of thinking about what you look like 10x a day; instead you'd be trying to figure out what career you wanted, so that you could attract a worthy mate.

Here's The Good Part

Don't Forget that Women are Coy

With some advice and perspective, you are totally capable of finding tons of women that will treat you like a god; I really mean in. I'm 5'7, non-symmetrical, and overweight; I get 8/10 or higher new pussy every weekend, because I'm a good candidate for the reasons mentioned earlier. Have faith, be confident, love yourself, and write back to me with your success story that I know is inevitable.

Feel free to ask questions and comment.

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