Dated a pilipino Girl

in dating •  6 months ago

For some reason I only get matches with Pilipino girls on the Baddo dating app so I've decided to go along.

Met this good looking Pilipino girl and we video chatted for a couple of days and eventually met.

The problem with Pilipino girls is that they never have time for themself. always need to return back to their Takecarer after an hour or two if you lucky.

It happend to me before and this time also. I've ended up driving for a half an hour just to chat with her in my car for 20 minutes and she also made me take away launch which was very tasty by the way :)

Another problem is that they only know english and usually not so great so less chance to have a bond.

Another problem is that they all tell the same story that they worked at the philipins in some kind of a tech factory or something and they came to israel to be a caretaker because they heard that they will make alot of money here and they will send the money back to their family in Philipins - This makes them boring because nobody special, doing something different, out of the box.

This Philipino I've met is no different. But, She is beautiful and on our second date she did told me that she had a long relationship with an Israeli for 2 years which was interesting. When I've asked her why they broke up she told me it was her that left him because he was treating her to well! can you believe? This is what good looking women wants! for us Guys to be "Bad boys" and treat them like shit!

I can tell you that I've listened to her and after a rather bad date that she didnt stopped checking her phone and suddently say that she need to go to meet her friend after an half hour! I played it like everything is fine but after that, while I was driving she texted me and asked if i arived home, I said that Im mad at her. And it triggered something.

She started calling, and asking why Im mad, and after ive explained she appologized and promised to make up for it next time. you see how women like us? we need to get mad at them if they do something wrong, its so obvious! If i was a woman I would like it too, or else its boring no? atleast I had a good learning expirience dont know if i will keep seeing her tough..

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sorry i just seen this and had to reply, only drama seeking, mentally unstable women would prefer a guy to behave that way so if you don't want a ton of headaches and heartaches it would be in your best interest to avoid these types of women. if you can't be honestly who you really are inside with someone and they expect you to pretend to be something your not in order to like you then they are not the one.