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  If you’re fond of tall blondes with pretty faces – you’ll probably be happy with Latvian girls. It’s a true paradise for someone like you. But what should you know before trying your chances with them?

 They are a bit cold in comparison with more exotic women but extremely friendly and mild. Their femininity is blossoming freely being so closely connected with their beauty. They start to realize it very early and take care of it all the time. Usually, they have well-groomed hair, flawless make-up, fashionable jewelry, and dress with a great taste. If in some countries most of the women look like models, here they look like beauty queens.

 You shouldn’t be timid approaching them though. Latvian girls are usually interested in foreigners because they associate foreign men with promising future and much more serious attitude than local men have. Also, the rule works there “unknown is always attractive”. So gather all your self-confidence and take a chance!

Latvian women are rather classical and have traditional expectations: they are searching for a fiancée and then a husband. So don’t waste their time talking about casual sex. You also cannot seduce them counting on their hormones: they are perfectly balanced and their brain works very well. They can be very tender and passionate, but only with someone who has serious plans about them, and in any case they’re never in hurry to get closer. They were taught to catch a good work, not a good man. They believe a good man will catch them instead!

So, they are hard-working, but not too fixed on the career. They won’t sacrifice their family (parents or a husband with kids) spending long hours at work. They usually find a compromise. They are absolutely not feminists and only work for pleasure. At the same time, salaries in Latvia are pretty good so you don’t have to worry about your wallet. Of course, gifts of a good quality are always desirable but Latvian women aren’t hunting for gifts and cash. 

Trying to get their attention, dress well, make your hair look classy, use a little bit of cologne, talk calmly about neutral and pleasant things such as travelling, dancing, visiting places of culture. She likes to cook so tell her about your favourite food and ask about local recipes. Discuss sports, music and other hobbies – but not politics or she will think you see just a buddy in her. Don’t be afraid to make compliments, she likes to feel appreciated. After all, she is a nice little girl with blonde hair who dreams to meet her prince charming. Give her this dream and her heart will open! 

These well-behaved girls remain very decent women, but they aren’t boring. Try to joke and make her laugh, motivate her to flirt more bravely and you will see step by step how playful she is. Latvian girls are very positive and optimistic by nature, they are easy-going, peaceful, forgiving, and often called by people “the angels”.

 What kind of attention are they expecting from you? They really need a short romantic trip for the weekend to cherish this memory through all working days. They like to be presented delicacies but not the sweets as they watch their figure. They like elegant jewelry such as delicate thin bracelets. Finally, they simply like you: walking on a beach, holding hands, talking with lowered voices, kissing. Those princesses are really charming!  

But, they are not just pretty dolls: Latvian women are extremely smart. They have analytical minds and can detect false words, actions or even glances. They are well-educated and can give you a precious advice when needed. They have a wisdom for solving everyday issues and staying away from any conflicts. Sounds like she has no disadvantages, right? Yes, they are too good for this world but they do exist! 

Stay a realist though and don’t try to catch a girl in a bar or in a cheap nightclub. Such ladies might be much less successful and chase your wallet. Also never think that you know your Latvian girlfriend well enough. They have the most enigmatic mentality and sometimes they intentionally don’t tell you what’s on their mind. Maybe it’s better if you don’t know! But nothing can make Latvian girls less sexy and desirable.   

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