How to Choose a Good Online Dating Profile Picture?

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Tips for Better Online Dating Profile Picture for Men
A Picture is worth a thousand words but when we talk of Online Dating Profile Photo it is worth much more. It is not wrong to say that on a dating Site a good Profile photograph is the key to make eligible Singles to notice you. It goes without saying that a profile with a photograph gets much more attention than one without. But getting attention is not enough. One should stand out and make a better first impression to be successful in the dating game. But unfortunately majority of people who join dating sites to find partners fail miserably in it. So, what makes a good online dating picture? What are the things to keep in mind when posting a picture on an Online Dating Site?
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You have joined a Dating Site and not getting good responses? You have all the wrong type of women hitting at you? If that has been your experience then the problem is with your profile photograph. A photo can say a lot about you. It can say if you are honest, outgoing, cheerful, open, religious and many more personality traits. So make sure you use a good one as they display an impression of the personality. What constitutes to a good dating profile picture? Find out the answers below.

Top 10 Online Dating Profile Picture mistakes Guys make

What makes a good dating profile picture? How to choose a better picture for your Dating or Social Networking Profile? In order to find out let us look into some common mistakes Guys commit when they put up pictures on their Profile. Avoid these mistakes and take these tips to have a better dating profile picture. Here are 10 Online Dating Profile Mistakes to avoid.

  1. No Picture or Poor Quality Picture: Profile Picture is the first thing people see so it is important that you make a good first impression with your profile photo. One of the most common mistakes seen is not posting a picture or posting an inferior quality photograph on the profile. Head shorts are great. But there is much more to a great picture for a dating site profile than a simple head shot. Adding a Photograph also marks you as ‘genuine’.
  2. Posting an Old Picture: Do not deceive! Do not post a dishonest or outdated photograph which bears no resemblance to how you look now. You may look good in a photograph taken 10 year back when you were lean and did not have a pot belly. But definitely that is not the photograph you should put on your Online Profile. Put a picture of you taken not later than a year. Let your potential date be interested in the real you! No relationship should be based on a pack of lies.
  3. Masking your eyes and face: Post a picture with a clear view of your eyes. You may add a mystery element to your picture by not directly looking at the camera. Do not post pictures wearing sunglasses or eye masks. Also make sure your face is showing. Do not hide behind a hat.
  4. Shirtless Pictures: Men may like to show off their bulging triceps but the fact is that majority of woman are sick of seeing such pictures. Even men who do not have 6 pack abs or bulging triceps are seen posting such pictures. Avoid such a photograph as main profile picture if you are not looking for flings. You may add it in the additional pictures. Also avoid pictures showing private parts because it says what a creep you are.
  5. Group Photograph or Photograph with a more attractive friend: Do not post Pictures of you taken in the company of others. If you can’t find another one crop the image properly so that only you are in the picture and do not paint a big blob over the face of others in it.
  6. Picture with Ex or other Girls : If you are looking for a potential love relationship stop looking like a Casanova or someone who still has not gotten over Ex.
  7. Never changing the Profile Photo: A Profile in which the photograph is changed often gets much more attention than one with the same picture always. So if you are in the dating game make sure that you change your photo in every couple of weeks.
  8. Photograph with Pets and Children: Avoid it as a main profile picture but you can add it in additional pictures. You may have pets and children who are important part of your life but posting such picture can discourage woman from contacting you as such pictures conveys the message as to who is your priority.
  9. Pictures showing off your Prized Possessions: You can put your picture standing beside your BMW or Jet as an additional picture if you wish. You don’t want a gold digger, right?

So, what does your dating Profile Picture say about you?