Misleading Data Visualisation and Best Charting Practices

in dataviz •  7 months ago

I was invited to give a talk at a UX / UI Design conference CIEMNA STRONA #4: Stranger Things, which took place on 21st March in Kraków, Poland.

This conference was organised by ITberries - a group whose goal is to expose students to how the humanities can be combined with technology.

Although my presentation was recorded on film, the slides were not displayed so clearly, so in this video I rerecorded the presentation for others to view.

Original video recording of presentation (starts at 15m 47s): https://www.facebook.com/ITberries/videos/1910814668991027

ITberries: http://www.ciemnastronaux.pl

My blog: https://datavizcatalogue.com/blog/

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