What's the best city to get home at 10pm by public?steemCreated with Sketch.

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It's probably London!

The colour gradient measures, merely speaking, the average speed at which an individual can move away from a given point using public transport, according to the authors of this model. Basically, in orange areas, you might as well walk :)

If you want to know more about how it's calculated and how the researchers aim to measure the quality of public transport, have a look at the source article:



Let me know which cities you would like to see in this comparison!

I'd like to see Rome, Vienna and Stuttgart

I can add Rome and Vienna!

That'd be great!

Rome is interesting because the public infrastructure expansions keep getting delayed due to the unique historic context upon which the city is built. Like, subway construction has to stop because they hit yet another underground temple.

Vienna just works really well in a public transport sense. They also keep developing and expanding it and frankly it's one of things about the city that I like most.

Stuttgart would have been interesting to know how the controversial #Stuttgart21 project has disrupted/changed the way people travel there.