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For the first time about the "Internet of things" started talking more than 10 years ago. But then it was not about the explosive development of technology and the number of household devices connected to the World Wide Web was minimal. However, by the end of 2009, IoT devices were already more than usual users. In addition, the amount of data generated by them has increased significantly. Currently, the market capitalization of this market reaches hundreds of billions of dollars. The collected statistics show that the sales of devices connected to the Internet amounted to more than 8,000 billion a year. Analysts in this area forecast further growth of the industry. As a result, it will be a huge network of devices equipped with sensors that generate their own information. It can be relevant for use by large corporations.

Part of the collected data is analyzed directly by the device, but it can also be used to solve more serious problems. The Databroker project offers a platform for exchanging this information. According to the idea of ​​its developers, this project allows you to combine data from a variety of different data, accumulate them and provide for use by others. Thus, the owners of the sensors can sell the information generated by them, compensating for the capital costs of the installation, and consumers - to acquire the data they need.

<h2Use of blocking in the exchange of information</h2
The specificity of sensors connected to the Internet is that they produce only those data that are necessary for the performance of specific tasks (production, transportation, scientific research). In the process of work, the collected information is transformed into an electronic form and accumulated on the servers of the equipment owner. However, the use of data for personal purposes does not prevent them from realizing them to other people or companies in the related field and extract additional profits from this. Currently, the data exchange procedure is extremely complicated. The buyer must find a seller, agree on a method of exchange, payment, etc. In addition, it is quite difficult to control such transactions, so information may be incomplete, etc.

The organization of the exchange of technical information through Databroker allows you to obtain such advantages:

compensate a part of capital investments for the purchase of IoT devices by selling the information generated by them;
To avoid additional capital investments in the purchase of the necessary equipment due to the purchase of missing data from their owners;
Increase the level of analysis by obtaining more data purchased from suppliers or generated independently;
invest in a new industry - buy sensors to build your own IoT network to sell generated information to consumers.
One of the main advantages of Databroker is not the creation of a new sensor network, but the provision of a convenient tool for mutually beneficial and transparent information exchange.

Advantages for project participants

Databroker has the following advantages for various participants of the system:

Data vendors (sensor owners) monetize information that otherwise would be a "dead weight" and did not bring profit after use for the intended purpose.
Buyers of data can only acquire the information that they need for analysis. In this case, you do not need to use your own IoT networks. Data handlers also participate in the platform. They buy them from suppliers, then they use them for analytical purposes and realize the results that the interested persons can buy.

ICO Databroker

To finance the project, developers are planning to release a DTX token on the ERC20 platform. In total it is planned to put into circulation 225 million DTX at the price of 1 ether for 4 thousand tokens.


The Databroker project is a promising start of a development team that can revolutionize the exchange of data from IoT devices. The team of specialists is serious about their project and ordered the audit of a smart contract for the sale of tokens, which confirms the seriousness of the intentions.

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White Paper : english version

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