GET PAID FOR SHARING YOUR DATA, SAY HELLO TO DATUM. The Decentralized Storage Network And Personal Data Marketplace.

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I can say there's no internet without data, like a popular brand in my country will say Data is life. Literally, it is a replica of yourself on the internet. Every individual who uses the internet leave some traces of themselves online these traces are in form of an element of data.

Data is so useful that countries around the world have their own database, the demand for data has grown so large that it has it own industry worth billions of dollars, data is like the base of everything on the internet. Today around the world big companies struggle to get people's data, they sell data among themselves without actually notifying the data owner, they sell your data without your knowledge. This sometimes might post a security threat to you but say no more DATUM is here to help you protect your data while you can choose to sell them for good returns.

Unlike some big companies like your favourite social media sites who sell your data to advertisers without paying you a cent, DATUM will provide a decentralized data storage network and personal data marketplace where you can choose to sell your data for profit.


Datum is a decentralized data marketplace where users can sell their data for good returns and also store their data, it is a NoSQL database, the Datum team has built a decentralized app where users can carry out the action of storing data, buying data and selling data with the aid of a smart contract on the blockchain. This platform is governed by the DAT tokens, the smart token enables the buying and selling of data on the platform and it also ensures that the data owner rules are maintained.

Every day around the world industry giants are buying and selling your data and you actually do not earn a cent as the data owner, from facebook to twitter and Instagram these social networks engage in the act of selling data while this might not be opened to the users they actually sell your data to advertisers. On the Datum platform users will be able to make their own rules to determine how they use their data. Datum runs on a secure smart contract blockchain with the aid of this smart contract users can set their own rule.



  • Data storage system based on the blockchain
  • The DAT token which powers the system, it enables the buying and selling of data on the platform
  • A marketplace where users can buy and sell data, they can monetize their data on this platform and control how their data is been used or collected

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The DAT token is the default token of the Datum platforms with 3 billion supply, it's available on exchanges HERE

Name: DAT Token
Sticker: DAT
Supply: 3,000,000,000



The app has a user friendly interface, it collects users data and provides them with a marketplace to sell their data. The Datum data app is highly secured all data are encrypted in the app before they are sent to the network.

Users of the Datum app will be able to store their data on the network by paying a small DAT token fee, The storage node miners save and transmit the encrypted data while they earn DAT tokens for mining data, The app has a marketplace where data users can buy data in exchange of DAT token which is later paid in form of a reward to data owners.




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