Get If User Is A Role Member

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What happens when we run into the problem where we want a process to only execute if a user is a member of a role, but not execute if a user is not a member. Check out the solution in the video TSQL: Find Out If User Is A Role Member. As you can see, we learn how to develop this.

Some cautions that may be overlooked:

  • In this context, we are only discussing execution of some things within a procedure or code.
  • This does not obfuscate code; it prevents execution in terms of role context.
  • Source control and scripting are two of many ways one could get around this if they simply to see what the code did.

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Suppose that we have a role called "ourDBrole" for our administrators and we wanted a procedure to return more details only when this role was calling the procedure, otherwise it returned nothing more than the standard result. This would be an example of where this would be useful. Note what we're not discussing (and it's mentioned in the video).

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