Developing Operators With Numbers or Variables?

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What happens when we want to use a variable throughout code or use a number throughout code in operations? Check out the solution in the video TSQL: Operators With Numbers or Variables. This is one of those issues that depends on debugging, as most developers spend more time debugging code than writing code and we want to think about what saves time relative to the length.

Some discussion points in the video:

  • Consider code length ("throughout") and where your choice is placed
  • Remember that in troubleshooting, you have to remember what's passed
  • Allowing any entry could invite its own issues - see the note about this

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The good news here is that there is no right or wrong way to write this type of code, except what makes it fast and easy to troubleshoot. Even if we have a variable that was set to 100 and we used it four times, we could just as easily write 100 four times. It's not like it would require more work to use each of the four times and for some it may be faster to troubleshoot without remembering.

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