Cannot Drop Index - Used For Aged Data

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What happens when we run into the problem where we cannot drop an index because it is being used for the cleanup of aged data? Check out the solution in the video Cannot Drop the Clustered Index 'Index' Because It Is Being Used For Automatic Cleanup of Aged Data. As you can see, we look at why we get this error and how to solve this error.

Some considerations and questions to ask from this video:

  • Why does this error happen?
  • Given the above, do we have the right design in place?
  • Why are we making changes if we have the right design in place?

Automating ETL
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Many of these errors and issues can be avoided if we stop and reflect over how we design our data architecture. I estimate that the average company spends anywhere from four to five times the amount of actual work necessary to create and maintain their solutions, especially when it comes to data. Most application developers (and some database engineers) view the database as a trashcan where they put data and then retrieve it when they need. This is not what a database is and one can only imagine the future headaches from this same view being applied to dumping data into memory.

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