Blockchain Startup Evident Proof Shortlisted for 2018 UK IT Industry Awards

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Evident Proof blockchain platform, has been selected as a finalist in the UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award category in the 2018 UK IT Industry Awards.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 23, 2018 / — Evident Proof1, a blockchain platform built to provide innovative data verification and proof services, has been selected as a finalist in the UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award category in the 2018 UK IT Industry Awards2.

Evident Proof turns documents, transactions and data events into immutable, unhackable proof. It delivers evidence that can be used to meet compliance, provenance and other data verification requirements.

Covering a whole spectrum of IT achievements from personal, organisational, project and technology standpoints, the UK IT Industry Awards recognise the very best that the industry has to offer.

“We are excited to be in the finals for the UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards,” said Adrian Clarke, CEO of Evident Proof. “It’s a great endorsement of the quality of our technology and market potential for our solution as we are poised to serve as a vital link between enterprises and big data.”

Evident Proof uses blockchain technology to solve a key problem that many businesses struggle with — how to manage the vast increase in the volume of data, how to keep it secure and how to effectively extract the information they need for business reporting, audits, compliance and risk management.

Evident Proof’s proprietary Immutable Proof as a Service (IPaaS) solution has wide-reaching applicability, from data compliance, to supply chain issues like provenance and anti-counterfeiting, even through to producing evidence for legal claims.

With the digital data forecast to exceed 20 exabytes (20 billion GB) in 2018 in the UK alone, it’s set to fundamentally change how businesses approach data verification.

Just earlier this year, Evident Proof partnered with Swytch, the blockchain platform for sustainable and renewable energy, to create a proprietary blockchain that will be used to capture energy production from generation equipment. The blockchain will be connected to IoT devices and data aggregators, so that data can be fed into an Open Oracle to calculate token allocation and convert data into tokens.

Swytch’s blockchain-based platform aims to help accelerate the transition to sustainable energy production that has failed to take hold to date. By verifying and rewarding the production of sustainable and renewable energy, Swytch will serve as a standardised incentive for producers and allow consumers to validate their own sustainable actions.

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