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Dash Gets Its Own “Air Force🛫,” Sponsors #Airshow Team

Posted by Joël Valenzuela

Dash is now the official sponsor of Dash Aerosports, an acrobatic air racing promotional team.

AircraftWraps owner and Dash investor Scott Farnsworth submitted a proposal to the masternode network to have Dash be the exclusive sponsor of the newly-branded Dash Aerosports. The proposal passed, meaning that aircraft wrapped in Dash decals will be performing at airshows around the world. In honor of the Dash Force, one of the two aircraft employed will be name Dash Force One.

Dash’s treasury system attracts the best in their field

Dash’s treasury system, which dedicates 10% of the newly minted coins to development and other projects when put to a masternode vote, is what initially attracted Farnsworth to Dash:

“I found the DAO and the initiatives being put into motion though the 45% 10% 45% setup. Genius! Built directly into the structure is the formula to achieve position number #1 within crypto and stay there. The 10% fund is a continuous upward propelling force.”

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