Dash (DASH) Poised To Fall Back To $138 Support As Bulls Lose Momentum

in dash •  4 months ago

However, there is no denying that Dash (DASH) has succeeded in such a level of mass adoption with its only use case being a spendable cryptocurrency.

Interesting article, but I don't think the point that Dash is heading back to $138 support will end up being true. I don't own near as much Dash as I want to, so I actually want it to be true, but this article relies too much on technical analysis. Dash is doing a lot right, getting used more and more everyday, there's no reason for it to fall 30% just because it didn't break through a line on a chart. Unless of course the whole market tanks....

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Dash around $192 right now, let's see where the price goes....

I agree and im eagerly waiting to see.