Dash Is Running Plenty of Ads

in dash •  9 months ago

Dash Is Running Plenty of Ads

I have Been Seeing Dash Ads A lot these Days on my You Tube before my video. This is good getting the crypto currency message out there to new users. I dont know what will happen when these ads are banned in the near future.


The Dash Channel Still has not many Subscribers

It would not even be able to earn Ad money on You Tube only 23k Subscribers which is very low. Hopefully this will grow but when they ban the ads i do not see how that will happen.

Its Doing well To Get The Brand Out

That is the main thing with Crypto to get the message out in regards the product the team are doing this for the coin which is good.

Let Me know your thoughts and follow and comment Thanks

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Wow! I'm surprised Youtube hasn't already banned crypto ads. Do you own any Dash?


I had it but sold it might buy it again


Have you ever considered trading cryptos? It seems like everyone only HODL's.


not yet no

Outstanding post

Yes, this is really positive thing because at least the Crypto Ads can redirect people towards the world of Crypto and Blockchain Technology. And yes, let's see what future holds. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I do not understand well because they want to ban these ads, I think the crypto is the future

Hol how are you today?

I thought that YouTube did not want more ads from Cripto lei that want to remove them from some pages should rather promote much more, this is the future


Yeah its being promoted at the minute for sure they will stop soon i am sure

I also watch many ads of it , I think anyday it could go skyward.

If youtube banned crypto ads then we should kick out youtube and involbe in dtube. Because cryptos is our future and i think Dash is one of the best coin as i hope it will be rising very soon.


it will do

Your post is very beautiful.I read the post carefully.I

hope you will be with us like this

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