Possible Proposal For DASH Ghana (advice welcome)

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Hey folks please check out this proposal and give me your constructive criticism

This is an outline for a plan to generate income sufficient to allow the DASH community in Ghana to Fund Itself and Contribute to the DASH network. We plan to achieve Autonomy by securing 1000 DASH to help us obtain a masternode. This masternode will be used to help finance the continued growth of DASH in Ghana and support the growth of our new hub. We want to minimize the amount of asking we need to do to improve our community because proposals aren’t always efficient. It is our hope you choose to support this foundational project in Ghana.


Obtain funding to start a masternode in Ghana
Use Masternode funds to finance DASH Accra initiatives
Share 50% of our earnings with the community to facilitate growth of the DASH network.


If awarded for this proposal The Dash Accra community will be able to sustain rent for its initial hub location in Accra. We will also be able to use the funds to pay part-time developers to assist us in furthering projects in Accra and across Ghana. We have chosen to Focus out efforts in Accra because we think it best to do Local instead of national work. This strategy helps us make the best impact on folks and generate word of mouth buzz for DASH.
Our responsibilities

Use the master node for growth in Ghana

With the help of the DASH community we can make it possible for people Ghana to have access to an integral part of the DASH blockchain. This will also help us inspire the community to come together as they have a real financial incentive. Help from the Network at large is the only way we here will be able to afford the 1000 dash which equals about 806,400 in our local currency. DASH Making an Investment into our local community will allow us autonomy indefinitely and as DASH grows so will our ability to scale.

The First Dash Hub In Accra

Dash Accra  will use these funds to compensate part time developers that will help in building blockchain products and  spreading dash to the population. We have already paid our design team to help us build wwwwww.yensesa.com which will soon allow users to cash out Dash and other cryptocurrencies to mobile money on their phones in Ghana and Nigeria.  The hub will also be home to our DASH shop where goods can be purchased with dash for a discount.

Make measurable progress.

Its is our goal to ensure that each month we inform the Dash community of the State of Dash Accra. We will document our activities and budget and post it via reddit or the DASH forums. We measure our success in the number of folks who walk away with Funds in their wallets and the progress of our platforms. We also intend to create weekly updates posted on our blog at www.steemit.com/@yensesa.

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