Dash does network stress test. Almost 3 times as many transactions as Bitcoin. Users don't even notice it and fees remain as low as always. All during a network upgrade.

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#Dash did a stress test during a network upgrade and managed almost three times the daily transactional volume of Bitcoin with absolute ease:


The fees remained as low as usual:


End users didn't even notice any delays or problems whatsoever:


The largest block created contained over 10.000 transactions at a size of about 1.91 MB. In 2016 Dash voted to double its block size from 1MB to 2MB in less than 24 hours at 99.1% approval from the network. In the future Dash will continue to scale even further: 400MB blocks are easily possible thanks to a fully incentivized infrastructure consistent of miners and Dash's main invention: Masternodes. This puts Dash in the unique position to scale on-chain feasibly. A robust full node network like Dash is the foundation required for this at an absolute minimum.

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Where is all the news coverage of this? This is incredible news. A lot of projects talk about scalability but Dash is actually doing it, and inexpensively. Impressive!


We're getting on it. ;)

VIVA LA DASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very nice succinct analysis, thanks.

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