DASH Global meetups around the world

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So DASH Global has been funding people across the planet to do DASH meetups, we are particularly interested in southern part of South America and the East Coast of Africa as well as south east asia.

We want to expand these meetups globally and we already have experiences a collection of meetups in different parts of the world. At the moment we have done:

  1. Mexico
  2. Venezuela
  3. Ghana
  4. Nigeria
  5. Haiti
  6. Dominican Republic
  7. Colombia

Looking forward to sponsor a couple more before launching our proposal for settling our global vision described on an earlier post.

I personally feel very confident that the DASH Masternode community will fund my proposal which will grow the budget significally but also will mark a line for a great development of grassroot projects across DASH.

So DASH Global will now have two major fronts, the meetups as well as the news sites which include Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French.

Some pictures from around DASH Global:

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